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Background - In 1986, during the booming 1980s real estate market, Groom began his real estate career in the planning department of one of Northern Virginia's oldest building and development firms, Edward R. Carr and Associates, then based in Annandale, VA, focusing on residential development. He created and managed the 18th Carr Properties investment division of the company.

After several very successful years at Carr, the two senior partners of Carr and Groom formed a new land investment company, Groom Properties, in 1989. In 1994 Groom sold his shares in Groom Properties back to the other partners. Groom has also served as Director of Land Acquisitions for the Virginia division of Richmond American Homes, a publicly traded national home builder. Since then, he has pursued a variety of real estate ventures on his own account, or with investor partners.

Featured Venture:

  • Williams Property, Loudoun and Fairfax Counties, VA
    Groom is the General Partner of Rock Hill Development LLC, which owns property in a rapidly changing area near the Center For Innovative Technology, Dulles Airport, and a future Metro stop.

Partial List of Other Real Estate Ventures:
  • Oddenino Property, Fairfax County, VA - Groom assembled and rezoned 44 single family lots which were later developed and sold to NV Homes.
  • Gray Property, Stafford County, VA - 147 acres which Groom engineered and sold.
  • Gasner Property - Fairfax Virginia - 85 single family lots which Groom engineered and sold.
  • Maple Valley, Fairfax, VA - Development and sale of 22 finished lots to NV Homes
  • Groom is also the editor and publisher of The New Home Buyers Guide: A Real Estate Agent and Developer Tells How to Save Money and Minimize Risk in the Purchase of a New Home from a Builder by Martin E. Turk.
  • He has also written about the politics of land development for Builder magazine.