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New ventures

Groom is always looking for new ideas for ventures and new ways of creating value, within the context of real estate and publishing, but also in other areas.

There are several new ventures currently under development:

  • What Are You Really Worth: Do you ever wonder how much money you would make if good was always rewarded, and evil punished? Take our test to find out what your income would be in a just world: click here.

  • Media Reviews Program: Read a lot? Do you need a PDA for your movies, books, and TV programs? The Media Organizer is an easy way to organize entertainment and education.

  • Success Profiles: Ever wonder how the people you read about and see on TV achieved success? Was it family connections? Luck? Going to the Right School? Hard Work? Brilliance? Ruthlessness?

    See some samples below to get an idea of what we have in mind.


  • Fitness Tool: Have you ever wondered how fit you are compared to others your age? Take two minutes to find out by clicking the graphic below.

  • Positive Net: Positive Net helps connect people with a serious interest in ideas, art, literature, politics, and helps them to escape from a culture where the stupid and the silly reign supreme.


  • Margin Call, a Graphic Novel