About Groom Ventures

About John F. Groom

John F. Groom has been involved in publishing, real estate, and technology for more than 3 decades.


He is the Managing Member of Rock Hill Development, LLC, which owns 10 acres directly across from the CIT complex. He is also the contract purchaser of additional properties in this area, in his own name or through affiliated entities.


In 2018 Groom was granted a patent for System and Method for Searching, Organizing, Exploring and Relating Online Content. The patent revolves around ways of prioritizing large amounts of data in complex APIs. This is, in a wider context, a key issue in smart cities. He has additional patent applications now pending, including one for “Alternate Search Methodology”, and another, “Smart City Apps; Integrating 5G with Large Scale Planned Community Development”.


His real estate experience started modestly in 1986 as a planning aide at Edward R. Carr and Associates. In 1987 he started running a land investment division, 18thCarr Properties, Inc. In 1989 the two partners of Carr backed him in his first company, Groom Properties, Inc, which successfully developed finished residential lots for NV Homes.  Groom has also served as Director of Acquisitions in the Virginia division of Richmond American, a national homebuilder.


Groom’s early digital efforts received national and international attention.



Here are some comments about this first website, Positive Press:

  • CNNfn: “Success caught Groom by surprise, but sometimes even journalists find it satisfying to learn that nice guy can finish first.”

  • Yahoo: “Be sure to contemplate their thought of the day and send in your own good news.”

  • USA TODAY: “Positive Saying of the Day has found a niche in cyberspace.”

  • Reuters: “Groom chooses bounce-back stories, stories of quiet heroism.”



His social media accounts received over 2 million monthly impressions, and books that he has published have been reviewed in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and elsewhere. He has given radio interviews to stations around the world, and TV interviews in the US.


He was the 3rd full-time employee hired at Annuity Net, with financing arranged by Goldman Sachs and whose investors included GE equity and leading insurance companies such as Lincoln National. AnnuityNet was the first company to sell variable annuities online; the company was sold to Ebix.

We have worked with hundreds of professionals from around the world. Current and past contractors have resided in the US, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, China, Bangladesh, Romania, Scotland, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Macedonia, and elsewhere.


The people below are just a random sampling of those involved in a wide variety of Groom Ventures.

Douglas Ell

Author of “Counting to God”


Marty Turk

Real Estate Brokerage

David Noon

Co-author of From Tragedy to Triumph: 100 Amazing and Inspiring Comebacks

Marko Vandev

Social Media Handler

Skopje, Macedonia

Josey Thomas M.


Thiruvananthapuram, India

Khangelani Hlongwane

Research on Sales and Financing

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Brian Casey

Server Administrator

Madison, WI

Thomas Drotar

Explore Media Designer
Venice, CA

Rich Brittingham

Senior Associate at Dewberry
Leesburg, VA

Pablo Kanof

Graphic Designer
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gary Ford


Stephen Saxon


Evelina Simone

Image Librarian and Researcher

London, UK

Dnyanesh Gawali

Project Manager of Attitude Media

Pune, India

Amit Agarwal

Project Manager of Scrapbook & Explore

Bangalore, India

Saskia Vola

Data Analyst


Sam Tuke

Project Manager & Technical Lead of Explore


Joel Burlin

Digital Books Sales Executive
San Diego, CA

Gobinda Roy

Marketing & Sales Research
Kolkata, India

Adam Sullivan

Social Media Promoter
Iowa City, IA

Bryant Mitchell

Real Estate Broker


James Muchiri

Health Care Consultant

Nakuru, Kenya

Amber Rhodes

US Based Admin Asst / WordPress Developer

Greensboro, NC

Mercy McCulloch

UI Designer

Marsing, United States

Denise Biggs

Business Research on Successful Conservative Digital Entrepreneurs

ElliotSouth Africa

Jatinder Singh

Web Design with focus on Images

Chandigarh, India

Sergei Mochtchenkov

Financial modeling

kiev, Ukraine

Olga Rybas

Business Development

Denpasar, Indonesia

Svitlana Minazova

Art research and Photography

kiev, Ukraine

Claudia Preza

Art Research

El Paso, TX

Curie Sadana


Chandigarh, India

Lana Praprotnik

Art Research

Dresden, Germany