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In a world increasingly dominated by large institutions and very specialized businesses, John Groom has taken a different path, engaging in a wide variety of entrepreneurial ventures, always trying to find a new and better way of creating value.

While America's major corporations have defaulted on debt and required government bailouts, Groom has an immaculate credit record. Groom does not seek or accept any government subsidies or grants, or SBA loans. His media ventures are self-financed. The real estate ventures involve high net worth equity investors, but no loans or debt.

Since 1987, Groom has focused on real estate developments and various media ventures, primarily book publishing and web publishing. Groom's media ventures have been recognized by CNN, USA TODAY, Reuters, Playboy, the Boston Globe, Yahoo, Fox Business TV, and many others), To learn more about Attitude Media click here. Some of the ventures can be seen at johnfgroom.com.

Notable among current ventures are a 10 acre mixed used development (Site Map, Area Map) near a future Metro stop at Dulles International Airport in the Washington DC area. Since 1996, Attitude Media has published popular email lists, which currently have over 53,000 subscribers. In late 2013 we expect to launch a major new web initiative, as well as publish an exciting new book about the compatibility of science and religion by Doug Ell.

Decisions are made very quickly, because there is only one decision maker. We have a well-defined and time tested method of developing new projects based on extremely low overhead and outsourcing all non-core functions, including research, editing, web site development, graphic design, programming, web hosting, and many others.

We have worked with hundreds of professionals, including accountants, lawyers (contract, trademarks, intellectual property, litigation) engineers, surveyors, and many others. We now have a number of contractors from around the world working on the forthcoming attitudemedia web venture. Current and past contractors have resided in the US, Canada, Argentina, China, Bangladesh, Romania, Scotland, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, and elsewhere.

John F. Groom - Groom Ventures, Email: jgroom@groomventures.com